8-Bit Computer


Version 1: Breadboards

Goal: Successfully build the kit breadboard computer to run across many breadboards 8bit 1 8bit 2
Challenge: Lots of components and wiring and any issues would prevent entire system from working properly. Reliability of so many wires on breadboards not getting disconnected 8bit 3 8bit 4
Success: Most of computer sections worked individually. Realized benefits of PCBs and future plan for the project

Hardware and Software Tools

Breadboard LED Wire Spool

Version 2: PCBs

Goal: Adapt schematic to a Circuit Maker PCB project and create more robust system 8bit PCB 1 8bit PCB 2
Challenge: Such a large amount of components and connections to create schematic and layout for 8bit PCB 3 8bit PCB 4
Success: Schematics have been fully added to Circuit Maker. Layout has started. This is an ongoing project

Hardware and Software Tools

Circuit Maker PCB