8-Bit Logo

8-Bit Computer

  • Built kit system on breadboard architecture
  • Adapted schematics into Circuit Maker
  • Designing PCBs to make system more robust
Sunrise Alarm Logo

Sunrise Alarm

  • Worked with mechanical engineer on design of system
  • Designed electrical system, sourced components
  • Built systems, wrote software, tested, used for >1 year
Binary Clock Logo

Binary Clock

  • Designed binary clock system schematic
  • Created 2 revisions of PCB and sourced components
  • Began software for controlling system
PCB Bootcamp Logo

PCB Bootcamp

  • Worked with another engineer designing multiple online session series
  • Adapted Tic Tac Toe schematic to Circuit Maker PCB and sourced components
  • Taught mechanical engineers KiCAD PCB design software