PCB Bootcamp


Tic Tac Toe

Goal: Design alongside another engineer a bootcamp of three weeks of online teaching of soldering, Raspberry Pi, PCB layout, and completion of an entire project TicTacToe 1 TicTacToe 2
Challenge: There were a lot of parts to this project that all had to be sourced and tested before giving to the students. Designed PCB in Circuit Maker and sourced PCBs and then taught the lessons in KiCAD for compatability with all operating systems. Teaching varied skill levels over Microsoft Teams while not being in person TicTacToe 3 TicTacToe 4
Success: Workshop went well. All systems were delivered to students. TicTacToe 5 TicTacToe 6

Hardware and Software Tools

Circuit Maker KiCAD Classroom Soldering