Relative Skill Capabilities
Skill Percent
Circuit Maker 100%
Altium 25%
KiCAD 20%
Raspberry Pi 90%
Arduino 85%
Soldering 65%
3D Printing 50%
I2C/SPI 70%
STM32CubeIDE 55%
Python 30%
C/C++ 45%



Circuit Maker Successfully completed multiple projects from start of schematic to exporting Gerber files using this tool. Porjects include PCB bootcamp, Binary clock, Programmer interface boards, 5 revisions of open-loop pipette, LED controller, Remote power controller
Altium Developed Underdesk sensor project with 3 revisions
KiCAD Taught a workshop in KiCAD for ease of use between students of Mac and Windows OS
Raspberry Pi Many personal projects including LED projects, Octoprint to control a 3D printer, PCB Bootcamp. Setup from OS configuration to SSH connection to controlling many I/O pins on projects including Gantry system sent to customers
Arduino Created laptop cooling fan controller, quick prototyping of different communication protocols and sensor testing, other smaller personal projects
Soldering Soldering skills include through hole, surface mount, wires, small package sizes including 0402, 0603, QFN, SOIC, DIP
3D Printing Have built and troubleshot multiple 3D printers including Lulzbot TAZ series as well as Ender 3 v2. Designed components in Solidworks and created .stl files to be printed
CAN BUS Developed CAN communication to add as a feature to a pipette project. Developed hardware schematic and layout for microcontroller and transceiver. Created firmware in STM32 to have successful communication between devices
SPI and I2C Have used SPI to control LED strips, debugged over long wire distance. Have used I2C for many applications where reduced wiring was preferred over speed
STM32 Developed Binary Clock project and Open-loop pipette project in STM32's Cube IDE from microcontroller pin placement to writing some basic firmware in C to control the systems
Python Created scripting of gantry system via Jupyter notebook and python
C/C++ Created many programs in C and C++ language including embedded microcontrollers in STM32 and Arduino
HTML, CSS, JS Created this website using these tools